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Synergistic Care

Acupuncture can be a great, synergistic, complement to physical therapy, chiropractic care and massage therapy.  Add it to your overall treatment plan early on for the best effect.

Auto Insurance

Acupuncture is almost always covered by automobile Personal Injury Protection (or "PIP") insurance, no referrals are needed.

Trauma and Auto Injury Acupuncture

Auto Injury AcupunctureAcupuncture is very effective in treating injuries. We can think of injuries in two broad ways. Acute trauma occurs when the body is subjected to forces or actions such as auto accidents, sports injuries, a recent surgery, etc., which cause substantial immediate tissue damage. Oftentimes the standard treatment is to prescribe pain killers, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, and perhaps some physical therapy.

Overuse injuries occur when a tiny amount of trauma is incurred again and again, eventually resulting in a painful condition from the accumulated effects of repeated micro-trauma. Think of things like carpal tunnel syndrome, "tennis elbow," or overuse injuries such as industrial, occupational, or keyboarding injuries. The body's healing abilities can be really challenged by these conditions, with scar tissue formation, impaired circulation, chronic inflammation, and continuing aggravation.

How it works: Acupuncture is shown to reduce inflammation in soft tissues, such as muscle and connective tissue, which will decrease pain. It also promotes circulation and tissue healing, making a huge difference in improved comfort and faster recovery from trauma. Oftentimes I will include cold laser therapy as part of the overall treatment session.

Don't delay: Early treatment is definitely better as the longer you have a condition, the greater the chance that it can become chronic. Initially, an injury consists of tissue damage and various physiologic responses intended to aid recovery from the trauma. Over time, if the injury does not heal properly, local degenerative changes may occur, and the body can develop pathologic responses such as chronic inflammation or neuropathic pain.

Unresolved injuries can lead to strength loss and mechanical imbalances, placing new stresses on other areas of the body to compensate for the injury. Eventually, structural damage and functional impairments can occur throughout the body. Such chronic conditions can still be helped, but will require longer treatment and may not be fully reversible.

Your treatment plan: Acupuncture works very well with other treatment options such a physical therapy and chiropractic treatments by helping you break out of the pain and inflammation feedback loop. With decreased muscle spasms and tension, chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, and massage treatments are easier and more effective; yielding longer lasting results. I often find that people who have not responded well to these other therapies, or have plateaued in their recovery can still experience powerful benefits from acupuncture.