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Notice that I don't promise that you will lose a certain amount of weight or inches, or that it will happen overnight.

Everyone is unique and I do promise that I will tailor a treatment program specific to your body, environment and goals. Essentially, I'll do my best to set you up for success.

Critically, it is up to you to also make the lifestyle changes that are so important to achieving lasting weight loss.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

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One of the questions I am asked frequently is, "Can you help me loose weight with acupuncture?" Actually, I can, but it’s not magic, it's something we will work together to achieve.

Digestive Health and Stress: Here is what I believe; acupuncture improves overall health, strengthens digestive function, and optimizes metabolic activity, so you assimilate food more efficiently. Its great stress-reducing effects help with cravings and appetite control. We will talk about your diet and exercise, with the goal of finding solutions that fit into your life. I know that weight loss recommendations that are too hard or unpleasant to follow are less likely to bring success. The best advice leads to better habits that you'll want to keep.

Removing Barriers to Activity: I find it very helpful to reduce patient's barriers to physical activities, and find that treating physical complaints allows them to increase their exercise levels. Simply walking more can make a big difference in how well people feel and can really help them start down the road to weight loss.

Complete Health Analysis: Chinese Medicine places great importance on the body's ability to efficiently use the energy in the food we eat, and all of the internal organs work together to this end. We will do a complete health analysis which will allow me to select acupuncture treatment points which specifically address your constitutional strengths and weaknesses as well as the environmental and stress related factors that are unique to you.