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Clinical Study

A double-blind study has found that acupuncture is a a highly effective treatment option for depression. More information is available in this article on depression and acupuncture from

World Health Organization

The WHO lists acupuncture as an effective treatment for depression (including depressive neurosis and depression following stroke.)

Acupuncture for Anxiety & Depression

Acupuncture for Anxiety & Depression ImageAnxiety, Stress and Depression: One of the most common things I see in my practice is the interplay between the mind, body, and external factors. Everyone has stress in their life and we are all unique in our reactions due to inherited and learned behaviors. Whether it is long-term issues, recent emotional trauma, fundamental changes to family, health, money, etc., stress can have a detrimental impact on your health. Stress and depression have many physical repercussions, with virtually the entire body susceptible to their negative effects. The good news is that acupuncture can be very effective in restoring you to a healthy state.

The mind-body relationship: There are many well-documented responses to anxiety, depression and stress. Often, emotional strain leads to impaired function of the major body systems such as digestive, respiratory, and circulatory function or immune response. Each individual has their own predilection to certain constitutional imbalances or weaknesses and will tend to experience health effects according to their own particular susceptibilities or stressors.

How acupuncture helps: Chinese medicine has always emphasized the connection and interaction between mind and body; specific physical imbalances relate to particular mental states. This connection works both ways, with physical and emotional states affecting each other in complex and dynamic ways. Acupuncture addresses these imbalances to "reset the system." It has a powerful impact on the brain and peripheral nervous system, triggering positive changes. Acupuncture effectively influences neurotransmitter levels and helps set up positive feedback loops in the brain. Many patients feel powerful immediate benefits, and will experience lasting results with continued treatments. The brain is very adaptable and is capable of learning new behavioral patterns and establishing a new equilibrium over the course of time.